Senior Models

Hello Seniors, I am currently booking seniors and senior models for the school year 2016-17!

Casey, what is a senior model?

Great question, let me answer that for you. A senior model will get several photo shoots throughout the year and in return for sharing the photos and referring other seniors to me, you'll get rewarded with a Jackson ($20)

Now we're talking! But wait, I'm allergic to work, how much work do I actually have to do?

You are on a roll with these questions! (although I highly doubt you are allergic to work) It's really not much more work than you do when posting all your selfies or groupies to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You'll need to show up to the scheduled photo shoots, post a couple photos, tag me in the photos and when your friends say, "OMG, who did ur pics, I luv them, lolz" you just send them my way and if they book a session with me, BAM! Andrew Jackson comes strolling your way!

That's it?? That's so simple, but my dad told me that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. What's the catch?

Well, there's not really a catch, but click here for more details so you can smell what I'm cookin' (as the cool kids say, right?)

Well, I'm sold, I wanna be a senior model!! 

I thought so, I knew I liked you! Contact me immediately to secure your spot as a Senior Model and we'll make your last year of high school more fantastic than it ought to be! 

I just want to do one or two senior sessions, Can I do that?

NO.....................YES! (If you don't know the movie reference for that, I'm sorry) You can still book single sessions with me. The pricing and details can be found here

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