1 MINUTE PROMO VIDEO - $250 (+tax)

* This is around a one minute highlight video showcasing your hard work you've put into making your body a chiseled specimen.

* About a 60 minute shoot

2-3 MINUTE PROMO VIDEO - $350 (+tax)

* This is usually around a 2 to 2 1/2 minute highlight video further showcasing your badassedness. This usually covers a full song

* About a 2 hour shoot


* You'll receive a fully edited and color graded HD (1920x1080) video file for download. This can be shared on your social networks. 

* You will need to provide a gym or location to shoot. I can provide on but it will be an additional $50 for a rental fee.

* Due to copyright issues, music selection must be done through a service that I subscribe to, this protects you and me from any copyright violations. My music service has a large selection to choose from. I'm confident we'll find the perfect track for you.




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