Dancing with the Stars - Casey Grimley Photography

Welcome to my "Dancing with the Stars" page! 💃🌌You're here because you're interested in having the most stellar and unique photo shoot that you'll probably ever have. As the the name implies, you'll be dancing with the stars! Any and all types of dancers are welcome!

Here are some details you'll want to know, be sure to read them all and let me know if you have any questions. (caseygrimley@gmail.com or 801-589-1951)


I've put together a calendar of dates that would be most ideal for shooting dancers and the milky way (see calendar below). The first sessions will be in May and the last will be the end of September. 

There will be limited availability due to the many uncontrollable circumstances such as weather and astronomical timing (phases of the moon). In case of inclement weather, we'll try to reschedule to a time that works. If we can't find a date, you'll receive a full refund.


I have several locations that will be ideal for shooting that are relatively close to Ogden, Utah with most are within 90 minutes drive. I am open to other locations but any locations suggested by you that are further than 100 miles from Ogden (one way) will incur additional travel expenses. 

What to expect: 

There are several things to account for this type of shoot. Once you book a session, I'll email you full details on agenda, but for starters here's a few of the obvious ones:

First, the best time of your life! Ask any of the previous star dancers and they'll tell you it was magical! I'll share my limited knowledge of the night sky and the stars.

Next thing, we'll be shooting at night, and even though it'll be summer it can still get cold.

Since there is no time limit on how long we shoot, that means we could possibly shoot very late into the night, sometimes until 4 am. So plan on getting lots of sleep the next day, or drinking lots of Red Bull! 

It's always fun to shoot at sunset so plan on it! Sunrise is optional but can make for great photos too!

Bring food and snacks since you'll be up late and you'll need energy for dancing your butt off!

Most of these locations will be out in the middle of nowhere so plan on camping overnight or drive home really late. 

Pricing and Details:

The session price for an evening dancing under the stars is $350 + tax for 1-2 dancers. Each additional dancer is $150.

Each dancer will get a complimentary metal print. For a one dancer session, you'll receive a 12x18 metal print and 10 web size digital files. For multiple dancers, each receive an 8x10 metal print and 5 web size digital files.

After the session, we'll get together within a week and meet in person (or via Google Hangouts) to view the photos and order the prints and products that you want. After the ordering session, please allow 1-2 weeks for products to be delivered.

Wall Art, Books & Albums, and additional digital file pricing can be found HERE

For polers, I have a stage pole that will be provided!
For aerialists shoots, I do NOT provide the aerial rig, it is your responsibility to provide.